residencies in K-12 schools and community centers

All Arts Access seeks to build partnerships with K-12 teachers and community centers in Washtenaw County, in order to identify goals, assets, and obstacles for engagement in creative arts and assist them in creating sustainable access to tools, resources, and opportunities. Each partnership will be highly tailored to suit the situation, depending on variables such as:

  • Skills of current staff or teacher(s);

  • Skills and interests of youth participants, including both their creative goals and issues they feel are currently important or relevant in their community;

  • Technology or tools available on site and/or at youth participants’ homes in the foreseeable future.

A lead teaching artist will be paired with each site and will be involved in the planning and assessment from the outset. Projects could last anywhere from 8 weeks to a full school year, depending on funding and capacity, and will generally meet 1-2 times per week. Ideally, each teaching artist will have assistance on site by an apprentice/intern teaching artist, often from a local college or University.